GOALKING Soccer School Academy

Professional Soccer School Academy

The GOALKING Academies are now year-round training schools for youth soccer players in the Edmonton Region, for field players and goalkeepers.  GOALKING Academies are endorsed by the Alberta Soccer Association, with a 3-Star Endorsement for the established GOALKING Goalkeepers Academy, and with the new GOALKING Soccer Academy already with a 1-Star Endorsement at its opening. 

GOALKING Soccer Academy is the new GOALKING training program for field players.  GOALKING has put together a top-notch Licensed Coaching staff, including former Professional players (such as a former Uganda National Women’s Team player), with many years of experience training and coaching youth soccer players in different countries. 

The Mission of the GOALKING Academies is to provide basic to advanced training to youth who wish to improve and master technical and tactical abilities to compete at higher-level soccer competitions in our Edmonton Region or beyond.  GOALKING Academies are independent from any soccer team or Club, but the Academies function as a complement to teams or clubs for players who want to develop to the top of their potential.

Several GOALKING Goalkeeper Academy trainees have already advanced in their soccer careers by being accepted or serving as tryalists in youth Regional programs of the Alberta Soccer Association (Winter Program, Alberta Team, REX, etc.), and GOALKING Soccer Academy is set up to lead to the same opportunities for its field player trainees.

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SW STING Announces GOALKING Summer Camps for Youth Goalkeepers

SW STING (http://www.swstingsoccer.com/) will offer goalkeeper training camps this summer through GOALKING (www.goalking.ca) between July 20th to August 27th.  Practices will be held at Keheewin Soccer Fields (105 Street & 19 Avenue).  You can register directly on the SW STING website, and you can find more information at: http://www.goalking.ca/new-events/ .  Please send us your questions to: info@goalking.ca .

Today, May 24th, GOALKING successfully completed the first goalkeeper clinics for SWEMSA

On one of the hottest days of so far in 2015, the youth goalkeepers completed the first 3 hours of the goalkeeper clinics for beginners. The youth players showed lot of enthusiasms, putting forth their best effort to learn the basic techniques of the goalkeeping position.  Parents gave feedback at the end of the clinic about their experience and that of their players:

Wendy I. commented:

…”Thank you so much for this clinic.  I have recommended it to everyone.  My son had fun and I could see the skills training- well done!”…

Rae H. commented:

…”Thank you, Armando, for the opportunity for my son to get this special training. Immediately after the first session, he spoke excitedly about what he had learned - new ways to make his body move to reach the ball, new ways to anticipate where the ball will go…. He was satisfied and happy to go back to another session of goalie clinic the next weekend”…

Janet L. commented:

…”My daughter attended one of your sessions and found it really helpful.  She enjoyed the instruction, learned some techniques, and is looking forward to catching the next session. Thank you (and SWEMSA) for offering these clinics!”…

Barbara L. commented:

…”[My son] really enjoyed the clinic and learned a lot - having the clinic right at the start of the season is good - it would be great if the clinic could be in the quiet time in between the Indoor and Outdoor seasons. Thanks so much for the great opportunity”…

James W. [Twin Brooks Assistant Sports Director] commented:

…”[My son] loved it.  He felt he learned lots and will be able to incorporate it into games easily.  His group was the right size - lots of ability to repeat drills and get feedback.  Price was very fair. We'd do it again in a heartbeat”…

Jaime G. commented:

…”[My son] was really pumped after the first one and learned so much… He had great things to say, and I appreciate the opportunity to have him learn from you. If you ever put on another clinic, please advise me as he would love to attend”…

Allison C. commented:

…”Armando, thank you so much for coaching my son… He said he had a great time and enjoyed learning to dive! It was great for him to get excellent expert advice. I think that kids this age really look up to experienced players like you that keep the game positive and fun!”…

SWEMSA Announces GOALKING Training for Beginners

SWEMSA (http://emsasouthwest.com/) will offer goalkeeper training for its community players through GOALKING (www.goalking.ca) on May 16-17, and May 23-24.  Practices will be held at St. Stanislaus School.  You can register directly on the SWEMSA website, and you can find more information at: http://www.goalking.ca/swemsa-clinics/ .  Please send us your questions to: info@goalking.ca .