Professional Soccer Academy

The GOALKING Soccer Goalkeeping Academy offers the most comprehensive curriculum for goalkeeper technique in the Edmonton region. Participants will learn proper basic to advanced techniques for: catching & handling, stance and set position, shot saving, diving saves, distribution, breakaway saves, crossed balls, and goal kicks. GOALKING training is guaranteed to challenge every goalkeeper physically while instilling in them a more sophisticated understanding of the goalkeeper position. GOALKING bases its training on:

Goalkeeper Technical Training
Goalkeeper Tactical Training
Goalkeeper Mental Development
Goalkeeper Physical-Skill Building
Goalkeeper Field Coaching Support

Goalkeeper Video Analysis & Evaluations

GOALKING offers professional video analysis and evaluations, either for personal goalkeeper performance enhancement (youth and adult), or to prepare a video requested by scouts from universities and colleges.  GOALKING has invested in the most advanced software and hardware available today for private and professional sports organizations around the world.

With GOALKING video analysis services, these tools are no longer exclusive to professional, university, and collegiate goalkeepers, the best of whom use them regularly to improve performance.  GOALKING's video analysis allows goalkeepers to see themselves in action, permitting the player to identify and recognize the GK technical areas to improve in practices; video analysis provides a tool that will impact the development and understanding of goalkeeping concepts.  This service is available to goakeepers of all ages from GOALKING.


Professional GK Evaluations

GOALKING Video Analysis & Evaluations

Service: MY GK ELITE PACKAGE: Complete Video Analysis and Evaluation of a Practice and a Game to Present to a Scout

This service has been designed for Elite goalkeepers who need a video analysis to share with semi-professional and professional teams, or to send the video to universities and colleges scouting goalkeepers who request a video analysis from GKs applying.   The service includes the recording of a regular game, as well as the recording of a prepared training session specifically tailored to showcase the GKs skills.  GOALKING will then edit the recorded images and video precisely to best highlight the GKs strengths.  Typically this type of showcase video for a scout is from 15-25 minutes in length (longer videos are available upon request).  This service is generally required when the goalkeeper has mastered all the skills and techniques of the position and is considered an Elite Goalkeeper.

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Video Recording + Analysis

Service: MY GK ANALYSIS: Simple Video Analysis of Current Skills from a practice or a game for personal improvement

This Video Analysis helps to identify the different skills that a goalkeeper has mastered versus which skills the goalkeeper must continue to improve in order to dominatethe goalkeeping position.   The analysis includes commentary on the particular positions, techniques, and movements of the GK throughout the video as the GK performs saves or exercises.   Goalkeeper coaches and team coaches could use this video to tailor different training sessions and programs specifically to areas the goalkeeper needs to improve.

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Video Recording + Evaluation

Service: MY GK EVALUATION: Video Evaluation From GK Technical Aspects From a Practice or a game

This package includes a video evaluation using the professional software "Focus X2," a tool that helps to analyze and evaluate more closely the current skills of a goalkeeper who has the future goal to play at an Elite competitive level such as for university or college, or professional team.  The Focus X2 software sorts the GKs techniques and tactics according to category (i.e. all examples of collapse diving, or extension diving, or distribution techniques, etc.) putting them sequentially in the video.   Comments within the video itself  of each technique are thus able to be much more specific, analyzing the precise position and movement as the GK repeats the same technique in the context of game or practice and under different situations.  Goalkeeper coaches and team coaches can use this video to rank the skill level of a goalkeeper by seeing each of essential skills of goalkeeping performed in turn.

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