GOALKING Soccer School Academy

Professional Soccer School Academy

The GOALKING Academies are now year-round training schools for youth soccer players in the Edmonton Region, for field players and goalkeepers.  GOALKING Academies are endorsed by the Alberta Soccer Association, with a 3-Star Endorsement for the established GOALKING Goalkeepers Academy, and with the new GOALKING Soccer Academy already with a 1-Star Endorsement at its opening. 

GOALKING Soccer Academy is the new GOALKING training program for field players.  GOALKING has put together a top-notch Licensed Coaching staff, including former Professional players (such as a former Uganda National Women’s Team player), with many years of experience training and coaching youth soccer players in different countries. 

The Mission of the GOALKING Academies is to provide basic to advanced training to youth who wish to improve and master technical and tactical abilities to compete at higher-level soccer competitions in our Edmonton Region or beyond.  GOALKING Academies are independent from any soccer team or Club, but the Academies function as a complement to teams or clubs for players who want to develop to the top of their potential.

Several GOALKING Goalkeeper Academy trainees have already advanced in their soccer careers by being accepted or serving as tryalists in youth Regional programs of the Alberta Soccer Association (Winter Program, Alberta Team, REX, etc.), and GOALKING Soccer Academy is set up to lead to the same opportunities for its field player trainees.

By Tony DiCicco

By Tony DiCicco

4th GOALKING International Soccer Camp With SoccerPlus - For Players 10 to 22 Years Old

For Field Players (Strikers, Midfielders & Defenders) and Goalkeepers. Girls & Boys. 10 to 22 Year Olds

Northfield Mount Hermon School, Gill, MA, USA - 8/4/19 – 8/8/19

Very few soccer camp opportunities offer this type of incredible challenge for soccer players (goalkeepers & field players) as well as great fun. It is not a coincidence that field players and goalkeepers who attended SoccerPlus are now playing on US National Teams, in MLS, for clubs internationally, and in colleges and universities; goalkeepers and field players come to SoccerPlus to improve, but they leave SoccerPlus with a new understanding of how to achieve at the next level. Whether the goalkeeper is new to the position or looking to prepare for a new season, SoccerPlus can help to get to where you want to be. SoccerPlus also keeps digital records and evaluations of each player’s performance, which can be accessed by colleges, professional teams, and other organizations who may want additional information and references about a player who they are considering.

GOALKING has brought members to SoccerPlus Camps in the U.S. for the last 3 years, attending camps in California and Connecticut, and this year GOALKING players are returning to the Northfield Mount Hermon School.

GOALKING and SoccerPlus have made a strategic alliance to offer the opportunity to Canadian goalkeepers and field players to be exposed to professional residential camps worldwide, to be trained by other professionals in their soccer positions. This exposure is extremely important as it helps youth soccer players to develop their skills in a formal way, to guide them towards a possible future as elite competitive soccer players.

Some families take advantage of this opportunity to have a family vacation in the region of the camp when the player is participating full-time at the Residency Camp, training hard to improve and master their skills. Family members can watch the camp sessions although they cannot stay in the on-site residence is only for participants. However, a family member is not required to attend; the player can travel alone with the GOALKING group.

To request our information package, and to express you interest to join our GOALKING group traveling to Gill, MA, fill out the form below.

The sooner you confirm your participation, the better price the group can find to travel as a larger group to the Gill area.

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Testimony #1:

…"Sabrina thoroughly enjoyed her time during the SoccerPlus camps at both the Fullerton, CA and Northfield Mount Hermon, MA campuses. She commented that the sessions were both technical, and intense. She particularly appreciated the direct feedback and corrective instructions that followed each exercise. I was also thankful for the end-of-week report card, that helped to identify areas of growth and development, upon which she could focus once she returned home.

She loved the campus food. When Sabrina returned home, she was so excited to share with me, the lessons she learned about making healthy eating choices. She has taken these lessons seriously, and has applied these lifestyle choices ever since.

I could not be happier with the work ethic and technical improvements she has demonstrated after each camp. Thank you so much for connecting her to this training experience, as I believe it has helped her to become a significantly better player and athlete!"...

Parent: Darren Alexander

Player: Sabrina Alexander (2005)

Current Soccer Programs: ASA Alberta REX North, and Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club

Testimony #2:

…"The SoccerPlus camps have been an amazing experience for KC. She has been to two camps, Fullerton and Mt. Hermon. She has not experienced such intense training like this anywhere before. Three hard core training sessions each day ending with a classroom hour for additional learning at night.

The dorm style accommodations were great & the cafeterias were fantastic! Such a variety of delicious food and beverages.

The coaches, staff and new friends from all over make these camps unique and memorable. The coach feedback during sessions and report card at the end of camp were very informative, providing both encouragement and recommendations for self improvement.

KC’s skill set grew so much after each camp and she has become a member of an exceptional soccer family."...

Parent: Dianne L. Curley

Player: Caitlyn (KC) Ledgerwood (2001)

Current Soccer Programs: UofA Women’s Pandas Soccer, ASA Alberta REX North, and Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club