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The GOALKING Academies are now year-round training schools for youth soccer players in the Edmonton Region, for field players and goalkeepers.  GOALKING Academies are endorsed by the Alberta Soccer Association, with a 3-Star Endorsement for the established GOALKING Goalkeepers Academy, and with the new GOALKING Soccer Academy already with a 1-Star Endorsement at its opening. 

GOALKING Soccer Academy is the new GOALKING training program for field players.  GOALKING has put together a top-notch Licensed Coaching staff, including former Professional players (such as a former Uganda National Women’s Team player), with many years of experience training and coaching youth soccer players in different countries. 

The Mission of the GOALKING Academies is to provide basic to advanced training to youth who wish to improve and master technical and tactical abilities to compete at higher-level soccer competitions in our Edmonton Region or beyond.  GOALKING Academies are independent from any soccer team or Club, but the Academies function as a complement to teams or clubs for players who want to develop to the top of their potential.

Several GOALKING Goalkeeper Academy trainees have already advanced in their soccer careers by being accepted or serving as tryalists in youth Regional programs of the Alberta Soccer Association (Winter Program, Alberta Team, REX, etc.), and GOALKING Soccer Academy is set up to lead to the same opportunities for its field player trainees.

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Are you part of the Duggan Soccer Community?

Great news, you can learn & train for the goalkeeping position with GOALKING this December 26, 27 & 28, fully sponsored by Duggan Soccer! For more information: info@goalking.ca / (Camps tab: www.goalking.ca). Register TODAY!!!

Visit: http://www.goalking.ca/gk-winter-camp-2018/

Joseph Holliday with the FC Edmonton Academy

GOALKING is happy to share with the GOALKING community that our Trainee, Joseph Holliday, has signed with the FC Edmonton Academy. Joseph has worked very hard for this opportunity, training and playing always up to his optimal level and beyond. Joseph has been a GOALKING trainee for 3 years, and he attended the Elite SoccerPlus camp in Fullerton, CA, with Tony DiCiccio last year. Last winter he was selected to play in the ASA Winter Program, and also invited to join the ASA Alberta Provincial Team squad. At only 12 years old, Joseph has been attaining Elite positions in our soccer community, culminating now signing with the FC Edmonton Academy.

GOALKING is very proud of Joseph, who has moved yet another successful step forward in his promising soccer career. Good luck Joseph!

Coach Armando - GOALKING


Coach Armando training with the Junion Pandas Soccer Program

Very excited to share that Coach Armando will continue as the Goalkeeper Coach & Trainer for the Junion Pandas Soccer Program (University of Alberta - Women's Soccer Program) in Edmonton, for the cycle 2017-2018.

Jr. Pandas was launched in the fall of 2014 as an alternative High Performance Player Development Opportunity for players in Grades 10 to 12. The mission of the Junior Pandas Soccer Program is to develop female athletes to be future leaders in women’s soccer.

For more information: http://www.pandasoccer.ca/junior-pandas-soccer-progra/


Remembering Tony DiCicco

To the GOALKING community,

I’m extremely sad to share with you that our good friend and mentor (Olympic gold medalist coach at the 1996 Summer games in Atlanta, and FIFA Champion at the 1999 Women’s World Cup), Tony DiCicco has passed away yesterday.

Tony was our special guest in 2014, running a goalkeeping camp for more than 200 players from our Edmonton region, with Lisa Cole and Tony’s son Nicholas DiCicco as specials guests.  Tony was such an amazing man, a great inspiration to me and to our Canadian GOALKING youth goalkeepers who met him in 2014; Tony visited us every time he came to Canada, including the last time during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, during which he was working for a TV channel as a special commentator on the games.  At that time he again took time from his busy schedule to get together with me here in Edmonton to chat about international soccer.  I was so lucky and privileged to to be mentored by him, including during my NSCAA National Goalkeeping Diploma in 2016 in Florida.  The majority of my current goalkeeping mentoring in Canada, Elite, Competitive, and Community, comes from the strong fundamentals taught to me by Tony DiCicco, who not only taught me the best of being a goalkeeper, but also about the personal values I need to pass on to my goalkeeper trainees.

May he rest in peace, Tony, my good friend and mentor.  He will always be remembered for his great contributions to the soccer community.

Coach Armando Sanchez

Source: Tony DiCicco (@tonysocc) | Twitter

Source: Tony DiCicco (@tonysocc) | Twitter

So ALL Kids Can [Be Goalkeepers]!

GOALKING and Coach Armando are very happy to share that GOALKING is now affiliated with "KidSports," accepting fee payments through KidSports.  GOALKING and KidSports believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports such as the GOALKING Goalkeeper Academy.  KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.  Now GOALKING is for everybody!  For more information: info@goalking.ca

Joseph H. selected as player of the 2017 Provincial Team

GOALKING and Coach Armando would like to congratulate Joseph for having been selected for the 2017 Provincial Team.  Alberta Soccer Association has now released the Selected Roster for the “13 Boys North” Provincial Team and Joseph is part of the team.   Joseph has been part of the ASA Winter Program, and he was one of the 10 goalkeepers from Edmonton who participated in the SoccerPlus international camp in Fullerton with Coach Armando in 2016.  Joseph is currently training with Sting Sao Paulo FC, along with dedicated weekly training session with the GOALKING Elite goalkeeper trainee group. Congratulations Joseph!  This is another solid step in a successful soccer career.

GOALKING Technnical Training - Pre Outdoor 2017

Registrations are now open for the GOALKING goalkeeper technical training PRE-OUTDOOR season 2017.  Spots are limited, as GOALKING keeps the ratio of players with Armando to small groups.

Programs endorsed by the Alberta Soccer Association:

  • GOALKING Level 5: 2007 & 2006 Girls & Boys
  • GOALKING Level 4: 2005, 2004 & 2003 Girls & Boys
  • GOALKING Level 3G: 2002, 2001 & 2000 Girls
  • GOALKING Level 3M: 2002, 2001 & 2000 Boys
  • GOALKING Level 2: 1999 & 1998 – Girls and Boys

Coach Armando to Train U. of Alberta Jr. Pandas Goalkeepers

This Spring/Summer Coach Armando will train the advanced female soccer goalkeeper players of the University of Alberta Jr. Program.  This training will be under the direction and coaching of JRSPOC Head Coach, Dhee Govender.

Coach Armando is looking forward to this new opportunity on an Elite soccer level in Edmonton, in conjunction with training and coaching the goalkeepers of the Regional Women Excel Program (REX) from the Alberta Soccer Association, and participating internationally in Elite camps in the USA with the prestigious academy SoccerPlus, directed by renowned player and coach Tony DiCicco.

University of Alberta - Jr. Pandas.  Photo from: http://www.pandasoccer.ca/junior-pandas-soccer-progra/2017-junior-pandas-springsu-2.html

University of Alberta - Jr. Pandas.  Photo from: http://www.pandasoccer.ca/junior-pandas-soccer-progra/2017-junior-pandas-springsu-2.html

Coach Armanto to Participate in the West Identification Camp for the National EXCEL Program

The camp will take place in Burnaby, BC from February 27 to March 2, and Coach Armando will participating with the Goalkeepers at this camp.  For more information about the Women's Excel Program from the Canadian Soccer Association: http://www.canadasoccer.com/files/CanadaSoccerPathway_WomensEXCELProgram_Guide_20140603.pdf

Canada Soccer - Photo from: https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2017/02/20/eight-caps-bc-rex-players-and-13-academy-partners-called-id-camp

Canada Soccer - Photo from: https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2017/02/20/eight-caps-bc-rex-players-and-13-academy-partners-called-id-camp

Armando Sanchez starts in his new position as Regional Women’s Excel (REX) Goalkeeper Coach

As an Alberta REX Goalkeeper Coach, Armando gets to train some of the top Elite female goalkeepers in Alberta.  The REX program works so that “players with a Women’s Regional EXCEL Centre who demonstrate their ability to meet the highest standards may move in the Women’s National EXCEL Program, presented by Bell….  Women’s National EXCEL Program is intended to maintain a ‘conveyer belt’ of players demonstrating the program’s highest standard attributes towards the Women’s National team”  (Women’s EXCEL Program: A Guide for Players and Their Parents online pamphlet). Alberta Regional  Women’s EXCEL players also get the opportunity to be scouted for professional teams, such as The Vancouver Whitecaps. (http://www.whitecapsfc.com/youth/post/2016/08/08/whitecaps-fc-partner-alberta-soccer-association)

Goalking successfully completes Goalkeeping Clinics in Grande Prairie

Sept. 17-18, Grande Prairie Soccer Association hosts GK clinics for U8-U12 groups, as well as special clinics for coaches to learn to teach their goalkeepers in goalkeeping positioning and how to incorporate the goalkeepers into their team practices (classroom and field sessions).