Professional Soccer Goalkeeping Academy

The GOALKING Soccer Goalkeeping Academy offers the most comprehensive curriculum for goalkeeper technique in the Edmonton region. Participants will learn proper basic to advanced techniques for: catching & handling, stance and set position, shot saving, diving saves, distribution, breakaway saves, crossed balls, and goal kicks. GOALKING training is guaranteed to challenge every goalkeeper physically while instilling in them a more sophisticated understanding of the goalkeeper position. GOALKING bases its training on:

Goalkeeper Technical Training
Goalkeeper Tactical Training
Goalkeeper Mental Development
Goalkeeper Physical-Skill Building
Goalkeeper Field Coaching Support

About Armando Sanchez & The GOALKING Training Methodology

GOALKING founder Armando Sanchez has trained more than 700 goalkeepers in Alberta since 2007 in the Edmonton region. Armando is a former professional soccer player in Mexico. Currently, Armando is the Regional Women’s Excel (REX) Goalkeeper Coach for the Alberta Soccer Association and FC Edmonton, in partnership with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.  Armando was also selected previously to co-run the 2015 FC BARCELONA Camp for goalkeepers in Edmonton, working in conjunction with FC BARCELONA trainers from Spain. Armando holds an Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma (Coach and Trainer) from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), specialized in goalkeeper training, and a B-License from the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA).

In addition, Armando has international experience coaching for the SoccerPlus Residential Camp in Fullerton, California, to which he brought a group of advanced goalkeepers from Alberta in 2016. Two of the GOALKING goalkeepers who attended the SoccerPlus camp with Armando were later selected for the Alberta Soccer Association Winter program, and a third one was chosen this winter as a trialist for the Regional Women’s Excel (REX) program of the Canadian Soccer Association, which is the conduit program to play on Team Canada. 

Armando runs personally the GOALKING training sessions, with an 8:1 radio or better (Players to Coach), maximizing his attention to his trainees. GOALKING was created using Armando’s professional experience, following the training guidelines “Goalkeeping Manual” developed by The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), combining it with the “Long Term Player Development” model (LTPD) of the Canadian Soccer Association, and the curriculum instructed by the international National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) under the “Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma.” 

*GOALKING has received permission from FIFA for use of the FIFA trademark in reference to the GOALKING Training Program’s use of FIFA guidelines.

Private / Group Training

Attention Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan (including North Provinces and Territories).  GOALKING can organize and run goalkeeper training sessions for your camps and clinics for youth and adult players.

GOALKING can provide specialized training for goalkeepers this Fall/Winter 2017/2018, and this coming Spring/Summer 2018 for Universities, Colleges, High-Schools, Junior-High Schools, and Competitive Clubs, including goalkeeper training for beginners for Communities/organizations with camps and clinics for their members.  GOALKING also offers programs for Residential Camps, with 4 to 5-day training sessions.

Book your 2018 training sessions with GOALKING now if you want to be sure to get the time slots you need. 

GOALKING holds The Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma  from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America


Armando Sanchez and GOALKING are members of the world’s largest soccer coaches’ organisation, the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America), holding the Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma.